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​there once was a dog named Delilah.

and she remains AMAZING...

the LOVE of my life came to me in 2009 during one of the darkest of my twenty-four years and i truly believe she saved my life.  she was approximately a year old when i adopted her and had been placed in several homes in a transient community--their loss, my gain...but it breaks my heart.

once called "Cinnamon", my angel is the perfect combination of dqachshund, beagle, and jack russell (possibly something else thrown in the pot).  she is stubborn and must be covered at all times like a dachshund.  she barks (known as beagle baying) like a beagle/an old woman dying.  she once had the energy of a jack russell.

​Delilah is my own little canine Cee Lo Green:  little tiny arms, little tiny legs, no neg, a long body, and makes her voice heard. Like her name, she has all sorts of spunk and, along with me, causes all sorts of trouble...i say, "Lucy and Ethel are on the prowl."

I ejoy writing on her tummy (i call them her "bacon bits" and "the goods" because she always rolls on her back and puffs it out when she smiles...hoping you will rub it).  I wrote "pervert" on her tummy once (or fifty times) and took her to CVS during our midnight walk. The clerks know her name and started making a fuss over her while i was in line--of course, she rolled on her back and showed off her goods. The employees gave me a quizzical look and cracked up.  Those perverts were put in their place for trying to rub a sweet baby angel's tummy.  not cool.

My pooh bear stink magee loves flying with me so she isn't left behond (abandonment issues). During one security check, she was wearing a warm sweater and when the TSA agent patted her down, she reached over to kiss him. She is an amazing traveler and crawls into her own carrier if you unzip it: she also crawls into my purse and has attempted clutches at times. I've snuck her into stores, hotels...you name it...by zipping her up into a messenger bag or backpack--I've had to shake her to stop her from snoring.

Delilah crawls under the covers with me every night and spoons--she is the only thing/person i can spoon with when i am sleeping.  She spends twenty-three hours asleep and one-hour awake every day.  She snores loud but the comforter she sleeps under muffles the noise.

When i woke up and walked to the bathroom a few years ago, i tripped over my air purifier and cracked my head open on the kitchen tile.  Delilah woke me from my blackout and i received thirteen staples on my skull.

If there are no available blankets to cover her, she crawls inside my shirt or sweatshirt. she broke one of my laptops when it got in the way of her favorite resting place (my lap...).  she bucked and bucked her head under the computer as always, but this time the computer crashed off my lap and very tall bed and landed upside-down...split in two. i had just lost a Mac two days before: obviously the universe wanted me to take a week off from writing.

I am writing a children's book about her with my mother.  More stories to come...