My real name is Kaitlin, but I am tall (5'10").  I live in Manhattan with my dachshund/beagle/jack russel dogter, Delilah.  I am a reformed singer/actor, worked in a theatrical agency and a casting agency before deciding to start sharing my journal entries with the world.  I make my own greeting and pop-up cards, piñatas of people's heads, pottery, and other weird stuff.  I give the best gifts in the world...true story. I collect pop-up books, have five tattoos and eight piercings, love reading (English Lit. major), and I love talking to people most passers-by ignore.








So...what's with the name??

I moved to New York when I was nineteen and the only apartment I could afford was located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn...before it was invaded by hipsters.  I was probably the only white chick on my block and my blue eyes and height stuck out like a sore thumb.

Whenever I needed to replenish my store of spaghetti and ramen noodles, I walked two blocks to Key Foods Grocery, where Goya brand products were kept on the lower shelves and "white people food" was kept further up.  Although the food of my people was always in stock...sometimes expired...there was always one sweet, tiny abuela who wanted, yet could not reach, something us WASPs enjoy.  These abuelas would see me coming and excitedly yell out, "Hey tall girl (or "Hola chica alta"), can you reach that?"...pointing wildly above my head.  This happened (literally) every grocery visit.  The name stuck. 

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